Schilling Receives Certificate in Sustainable Capitalism & ESG from UC Berkeley Law School, Expands Practice

Fishman Haygood partner Blair Schilling was certified recently in Sustainable Capitalism & ESG through an executive education program at UC Berkeley Law, one of the top law schools nationwide. The program combines lectures, case studies, readings, and interviews with thought leaders to explore the challenges companies may face in implementing ESG (environmental, social, and governance) considerations. Click here to read more about the Sustainable Capitalism & ESG online course.

The ESG framework is important because it helps organizations identify, organize, analyze, and prioritize decisions though a risk-reward strategic planning process. Some examples of ESG management include assessing climate and other environmental risks, regulatory compliance, workplace culture, and company diversity.

Risks like these, if left unaddressed, can prove costly to a company’s reputation. Millennials and Generation Z—collectively people between the ages of 9 and 41—are much more conscious about preserving the environment, social justice, and corporate malpractice. This social consciousnesses combined with greater transparency has resulted in many consumers now using their purchasing power to reward or punish companies that are not meeting their ESG commitments. In fact, studies show that Generation Z consumers are willing to spend as much as 10% more on sustainable brands.

In addition, because a company with strong ESG initiatives is a safer long-term investment, it can attract both more investors and more sophisticated investors. At the market level, poorly managed ESG can lead to environmental and social fallout that reduces profits and consumer loyalty.

How exactly ESG fits into your business and investment strategies may be unclear to you at times. With this training, Schilling can help identify your company’s ESG risks, develop a strategy to navigate these issues, and help your business to become more sustainable from a profit standpoint by addressing the ESG risks you face. Click here to read Part I of her series “The ‘E’ in ESG: Companies Grapple with Expectations and Lack of Guidance Amidst Rise in ‘Greenwashing’ Lawsuits.”

Schilling represents clients in a wide range of commercial matters, with a concentration in environmental law. Click here to read more about her practice.