Saulsbury Publishes Article in Delaware Journal of Corporate Law

Fishman Haygood Associate Albert O. “Chip” Saulsbury recently published an article in the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law titled “The Availability of Takeover Defenses and Deal Protection Devices for Anglo-American Target Companies.”

The article explores the differences between the United Kingdom’s code regarding corporate takeovers and mergers, and contrasts the UK code with similar provisions under Delaware corporate law. The article argues that “Delaware corporate law gives directors of U.S. target companies more negotiating power and allows them to generate higher premiums for shareholders in M&A transactions compared to their colleagues in the U.K.”

Chip, who is an associate in Fishman Haygood’s Business Section, regularly publishes on issues regarding various aspects of corporate law. Two of his recent articles include “Devil Inside the Deal: An Examination of Louisiana Non-Compete Agreements in Business Acquisitions,” 86 Tul. L. Rev. 713 (2012) and “Catch You on the Flip Side: A Comparative Analysis of the Default Rules on Withdrawal from a Louisiana Limited Liability Company,” 71 La. L. Rev. 675 (2011).