Charles Landry Honored with Baton Rouge Visionary Award

Fishman Haygood Partner, Charles Landry, is honored by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation as the winner of the 2020 Marcia Kaplan Kantrow Baton Rouge Visionary award for using his skills and determination to implement the master plan for downtown Baton Rouge.  Charles helped the state consolidate its rented spaces into state-owned Art-Deco inspired buildings on North Street.  He was also central to the expansion of downtown hotels, beginning with the success of the Capital House Hotel.  Charles was also an early proponent of and the legal mind behind much of the Arts Block, including its early anchor, the Shaw Center for the Arts, and the many new restaurants and apartments that followed.  BRAF selects award winners whose vision and action fosters smart growth of the Capital Region based on New Urbanist principles.   Read more about Landry’s award in BRAF’s magazine Currents.