Willis’ “Title Insurance or Title Opinion Letters?” Featured in ABA’s Real Property, Trust, and Estate Law Section eREPORT

Scott Willis, a partner in Fishman Haygood’s Business Section, recently co-authored the article “Title Insurance or Title Opinion Letters?” which is the featured cover story of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Real Property, Trust, and Estate (RPTE) Law Section’s Fall/Winter 2024 eREPORT, an RPTE quarterly digital publication. In the article, Willis offers a detailed comparison of attorney title opinion letters and lender title insurance policies, noting that while title insurance has become the most readily accepted tool for commercial real estate financing transactions, the tension between the two remains relevant today. Click here to see the full publication and here to read Willis’ article.

The article was originally published in the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Opinions Matters, a newsletter of the Committee on Legal Opinions in Real Estate Transactions published by the RPTE Law Section. Willis serves as editor-in-chief of Opinions Matters.

Willis practices primarily in the areas of commercial transactions, negotiated acquisitions, banking and commercial real estate acquisitions, development, and financing. Read more about his practice here.